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1996 - 2000

Sundial, Torquay 1996   Collaboration- Claire Gittings Kyla Gittings, Mark Trinham, Ann Kalamartis, Kath Somes, Seven
Yallinko    Kaan: Naan & Muduk, Diggind Stick & Fishing Lure 1997  Collaboration- Flip Ernest, Mark Trinham, Victor Cebergs
Kolo:oit, Collaboration: Daryl Cuthel & Mark Trinham 1997
Reconciliation, Collaboration: Megan Evans St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne 1999
Blue Sheep, Such Fertile Ground, Regional Arts Victoria 1999
Confluence, A Meeting of Waters, collaboration with Megan Evans 2000
Lines of Place, Opening of the Melbourne Museum Collaboration with Angus Watts 2000
Geelong Graph Mural,Collaboration with Peter Zimmer 2003
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