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With over 200 large scale permanent, temporary, ephemeral, public and community art projects, my career as a working practitioner has involved using various kinds of media and context; revealing a deep concern for the relationship between story telling and the environment.


My visual stories seek to inform about the natural and cultural histories that attribute to the experience of country (place), in order hat the audience gains respect, understanding and a sense of belonging to the place.


My practice involves various mediums in two and three dimensional form, which include permanent and ephemeral installation, paving, stonework, woodwork, metal work, lighting design, illustration, mural painting and mosaic work. I am competent in using all these mediums, but do have a preference to stone and wood.


Having been involved in public and community art as a designer and sculpture/maker in both individual and collaborations for the past fifteen years,

I have been fortunate to work with and partake in various collaborations and project teams; working with council organizations, landscape designers, art practitioners, artisans and arts workers.  


The subcontracting of skilled tradespeople, crafts people, fabricators, engineers and architects over time have also created a valuable network of skills, expertise and experience that can be drawn upon to engage in new projects and installations.


The role of Principal Artist also incorporates production co-ordinator, site manager, administrator as well as installer and finisher. Many projects require written reports for council, participation on advisory boards, and mentoring and consultation work.



Glenn Romanis


2008 - RMIT, Masters, Master of Arts (Art in Public Places) with Distinction

2007/2008 - RMIT, Diploma , Art in Public Space

2007 - RMIT, Graduate Certificate (Art in Public Space)

1990 - Deakin/W.I.A.E, B.A. Bachelor of Arts (Applied Art) Majors Design and Photography (Warnambool Campus)



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