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Playgrounds & Play Sculptures

Echidnas, Sheep Dog & Sheep Bob Petit Reserve  Jan Juc. Vic. Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L.2012

Wood Grubs. Play Sculptures.  City of Adalaide. Commissioned Ric McConaghy 2012

Anglesea Play Sculptures,  Winner of State and National Award for Open Space Development (Park & Leisure). 2013 




Eel. Cerlewis Estate Clifftonsprings.  Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L. VIC.  2013

Mapping Spring Creek, Jan Juc, Torquay & St Therese St Therese P.S. Torquay. Victoria 2010


Shield Seats. Ballert Murrup Collage Meeting Place. Vic. 2010


Loggerhead Turtle. Play sculpture . Whites Beach  Torquay Vic.  2011


Barwonheads P.S. Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L. 2012

Randwick Childrens Hospital. Sun & Wombat George Greagan Foundation 2010

Ladybird & Slater. Caulfield Park, Play Space 2010

Snail & Caterpiller. Caulfield Park, Play Space 2010

Bathurst Southern Cross, Pointers, South Pole Play Ground, Commissioned Ric McConachy 2009
Wombats, Playgrounds Vic, NSW, Qld. Commisssioned Rick Mc Conachy 2006/07/08
Bunjil Creation Centre, Artist in Residence, Avilla College 2006
Our Lady Help of Christian School, Artist in Residence, Warnambool 2006
Parade College, Artist in Residence 2006
Compass, Totems. Quantas Cild Care Centre 2006 
Star of the Sea, Mosaics, Artist in Residence 2006
Handy Plants. Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens, Ian Potter Children's Garden, Petrified Wood 2004
Eel & The Barwon, Artist in Residence, Geelong College 2005
Ginko, Geelong Botanic Garden’s, Gordon Institute 2004
School Tracks, Southmore Primary School 2001
Barwon, Leigh Confluence, Inverleigh Meeting Place 2002
Howler & Growler, Fitzroy Community Housing Estate, Sculpture Seats 2002
Leaf Seats, Manna Gum, Swamp Gum, Yarra Gum 2002
Mosaic, Catholic University, Melbourne Campus 1999
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