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Torquay Primary School       Play / Meeting space.  2019

Blue Tongue & Leaf Seats.

Concept / Design / Production / Installation.  Glenn Romanis. Brodie Hill.



Troll.       2019

Ferndale Park Plyground. Boroondara City Council.

Concept / Design / Production.  Glenn Romanis. 



Healesville Queenspark Playspace.     2019

Basalt Platypus Eggs, Gumnut seats & Basalt Signs

Concept / Design / Production.  Glenn Romanis.  Yarra Ranges Council.



Winton Playspace.     2019

Red Belly Blake Snake. Squirrel Glider. Wombat.

Concept / Design / Production.   Glenn Romanis.   Nature Playgrounds.



Southern Water Skink    2019

Basalt.  Melissa St. Reserve. Mt Waverley Vic.

Concept / Design / Production . Glenn Romanis.   



Spider Crab Pyramid. Mussel Pylons.  2019

Cypress, Pier Pylons, Corten. Little Reserve Playground Portarlington Vic.

Concept / Design.  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. P/L.  Mexted Rimmer.       Production .  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. Pty Ltd.  



Gembrook Leisure Park. 2020

Nature Play. Water Skink, Lyre Bird, Southern Brown Bandicoote Wombat , Echdna.

Concept / Design / Production / Installation.  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. Pty Ltd.  Land Design Partnerships. Cardinia Shire Council.



Camel & Tasmanian Devil. 2020

Greythorn Park. Balwyn North VIC. City of Boroondara.

Concept / Design / Production.  Glenn Romanis



Portland Playspace 2020

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Blue Banded Bees, Brolga, Long neck Turtle, Bush food, Blue Tongue.

Concept / Design.  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. P/L.  Justin Staggard.      Production .   Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. Pty Ltd.



Tote Park Reserve Moonee Ponds 2020

Basalt Lady Beetle, Slater. Cypress Craw through Leaves. Basalt Bug Steppers.

Concept / Design.  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. Pty Ltd. Tract.    Production.  Romanis. Trinham. Collaborations. Pty Ltd.



Jells Park Platypus Seat. 2020


Concept / Design.  Glenn Romanis.    Production.  Glenn Romanis & Michel Le Tellier

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