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2012 - 2013

Bedourie. Simpson Desert. QLD. Dust, Sand, Gibbers. Desert Spinafex.  Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L.  2012.  Story. Joyce Crombie

Betoota.  Simpson Desert. QLD. Dust, Sand, Gibbers. Rainbow Serpent.  Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L. 2012.

Story Joyce Crombie

Birdsville.Simpson Desert. QLD. Dust, Sand, Gibbers. Meeting Place.

Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L. 2012    Story. Joyce Crombie

She-Oak/Southern Cross, Pointers Constellation. U.C.I. International Bike Road Race.

Collaboration Mark Trinham, Victor Cebergs. City of Greater Geelong 2010

Mapping Spring Creek, Jan Juc, Torquay & St Therese St Therese P.S. Torquay. Victoria 2010

Barwon Bridge Re development.  Stage 2. Barwon Heads Vic.

Romanis.Tirnham. Collaborations P/L.  2012

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